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Description Superior potato starch is extracted from Danish potatoes by means of a process that only uses ground water. It is thus possible to achieve an untreated starch with a high degree of purity - physically, chemically, as well as microbiologically.

Superior potato starch is characterized by giving a very transparent high viscosity paste. Depending on the concentration it forms a gel or a paste when cooled.

Application Superior potato starch has a very broad area of application as a thickening / binding agent, as a texturizer, and as an anti caking agent.
Superior Potato Starch Series

Superior potato starch is - as standard - a cook up starch, which means it must be heated to be utilized as a thickening / binding agent.

Superior potato starch has a standard moisture content of 20%, but can also be delivered with moisture contents between 4% and 20%

Superior potato starch is also available as cold water swelling starch - ColdSwell 1111


Appearance   White powder

Smell and taste   Neutral

Moisture   4-20%

pH   6.5-8.5

Packaging Bulk, Big bags or 25 kg multi-layer paper sacks, palletized and shrink wrapped.

Storage Dry and cool. Separated from strong-smelling goods.

Identity Native potato starch is a food article and is declared as starch.
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