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Description KMC Potato granules are produced from potatoes, and Danish potato farmers are famous the world over for their emphasis on quality.

Our production is furthermore based on cooperative commitments to secure KMC the right quality and quantity making it possible to maintain a high quality uniform production.

Application KMC Potato granules can be used in a wide range of applications from different snack products to mashed potatoes, croquettes, and similar potato based products.

KMC Potato granules can also be used as binding and thickening agents in meat as well as in soups and sauces.
KMC Potato Granules series

KMC Potato granules can be delivered in different qualities depending on your production methods and end product.


Appearance   Cream to pale yellow

Smell and taste   Typical potato

Moisture   10.5%

Packaging Bulk, Big-bags or multi-layer paper sacks, palletized and foil wrapped.

Storage Dry and cool, separated from strong-smelling goods.

Identity KMC Potato granules are made from NON-GMO potatoes and are declared as Potato Granules or Dehydrated Potatoes.
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